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10 Good reasons to join Agents’ Mutual NOW!

  1. The First and only property portal in South Africa that will be 100% controlled and operated by member Real Estate firms.
  2. Planned to be the largest property portal in SA offering membership fees at cost.
  3. Each member firm will have equal interest and voting rights irrespective of their size.
  4. Open only to full service office based real estate firms
  5. Your own website with your company logo and branding.
  6. Dedicated property search service from an experienced team.
  7. Nominal membership and development fee.
  8. Very low monthly operating fees
  9. Option to retain your current website.
  10. Opportunity to fix membership fees for 5 years.

Our Team and Partners


Frequently asked Questions;

Q. Why should I join amrealty.co.za? What benefits will there be for me?
A. Benefits are numerous, but include you having control over subscription and marketing fees. Being part of a transparent online marketing platform. Services paid for at cost. Opportunity to fix subscriptions for 5 years.

Q. What special features will this new website have?
A. SMS and email alerts, virtual tours and floor plans are a standard feature with no additional charge to you. No additional fee for your agency branding.

Q. What will the future plans for amrealty.co.za?
A. You would primarily be in control of that. Some thoughts could be – medical aid, pension scheme, in house training etc.

Q. What are the fees?
A. There will be a nominal monthly subscription charged at cost.

Q. Can I join later?
A. Yes you can join later, but then you will be charged a substantial joining fee plus a higher monthly subscription.

Q. We have a corporate website why would we want another website?
A. To have a website is one thing, but to have a website that is found when searched is a lot more complicated and expensive. Currently with just on 5 000 agencies there are possibly 5 000 websites out there. It makes sense to have 5 000 agencies marketing on ONE powerful portal.

Q. We don’t have a website?
A. No problem we can assist with a state-of-the-art affordable website. Plus there is a standard option that will enable you to advertise the services of your service providers. Revenue from this could pay for your website subscription!

Q. Is amrealty.co.za only a listing and marketing portal?
A. No. amrealty.co.za is a search and information website, focussing on providing buyers and tenants an exceptional and informative property searching experience.

Q. After we have signed up will the membership fee be increased?
A. Depending on the number of subscribers and the management team you elect, this may even be decreased. But decisions they make will be transparent.

Q. What happens should you not receive sufficient member applications?
A. We will only invoice you once we have received sufficient membership applications. Your funds will be paid into the trust account of our accountant until all members have committed a payment. Should we then not receive enough funds to proceed we will refund you your subscription less R 100 to cover our admin and bank charges.

Q. Is amrealty.co.za a cloud based application?
A. Yes we are cloud based. This means that you will be able to manage your business remotely from any location. Your agents will also be able to do their listings “on site” this could reduce your admin costs.

Q. We currently have our own website do we have to enter our listings twice?
A. That is not a problem at all. We can setup an auto feed from your website to amrealty.co.za No need for you to do multiple listing captures.

Any further questions or concerns you may have, you are welcome to email us on info@amrealty.co.za or call us on 060 614 9990