Pezula Private Estate Luxury Home - Asking Price R 9.5 mil.


About Pezula Private Estate

PEZULA PRIVATE ESTATE is situated along the South Western Cape Coast within the Knysna Municipal area.

It lies to the west of the Noetzie river mouth and to the east of the famous Knysna Heads on South Africa’s scenic

Garden Route.It is not to be confused with Pezula Golf Estate which lies along its western border.

The Private Estate is a completely separate and independent eco-Estate. It is a conservancy. The emphasis is on

privacy with 255 homeowner sites spread over 612 hectares and nearly 4 kilometres of rugged coastline resulting in only

15% of the property being developed. It is one of the lowest density estates in South Africa.

It is bordered by Noetzie beach and the unspoilt Sinclair Nature Reserve (SANparks) on its Eastern boundary with a

vast timber plantation on its Northern boundary. Set atop the rugged cliffs of the Southern Cape Coast it has been

rehabilitated after 70 years of commercial forestry of exotic pine and eucalyptus plantation, and within 13 years has

achieved magnificent indigenous forest and fynbos landscapes with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.

The development commenced in 2003 driven by environmental thinking. It is designed to offer vast open spaces for the

nature enthusiast following a philosophy of being in harmony with nature. The huge success of this endeavour has been

hailed internationally and recognised with a number of prestigious awards.

Pezula Private Estate has been officially registered with Cape Nature as a Conservancy and is part of the Knysna

Coastal Conservancy together with its surrounding areas. The Conservancies main aims are the conservation of natural

resources, and the increased public awareness regarding wise management of the natural environment.

Pezula Private Estate is a nature lovers’ paradise and plays host to a multitude of indigenous fauna and flora and is

blessed with an abundance of bird life.

There are kilometres of hiking trails and river paddling covering all aspects of the indigenous forests and floral kingdom

within the borders of the estate. There are rocky cliffs and beaches as well as riverine forests along the Noetzie river

extending down to the amazing Noetzie beach. Included are kilometres of roadway walks and trails in a beautiful and

tranquil setting away from traffic and noise pollution.

Reverence for the natural world is most alive in us when we clearly see that we are not outside of nature looking in,

but are indeed part of it. Such a description need not be as strange as it may first sound but the moment you enter

Pezula Private Estate you witness the beauty and tranquillity of the forest, the fynbos and the fauna.

You top the crest of a high point and see before you the spectacular vista of a vast expanse of green-blue Indian Ocean,

flecked and foaming, sweeping and pounding, stretched all the way to Antarctica at the bottom end of the world,

only then do you realise- NOTHING COMES CLOSE.

courtesy Pezula Private Estate HOA

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